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We love to help you achieve more. 

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Every hero needs a sidekick.
The person that helps the hero achieve more than they can on their own. That’s what we do.
We help you figure out what you need for your business and help you get there.
That could be digital marketing
implementation and strategy,
organizing, creating and implementing operational processes and systems, managing special projects,
someone to bounce ideas off of,
accountability partner,
and administrative support.
Our team of freelance sidekicks is willing and ready (and EXCITED!) to help you achieve more.
Because even a superhero needs help sometimes. 


Whether you need some help getting your words right, creating a customer-centric new website, developing marketing tools, or need the guidance to launch your next big product, we are here to help you get what you need to get growing. 

As a former executive assistant to CFO and CEOs for over a decade, our founder, Kim, knows the challenges you face every day as a business leader. That's why she started Praebent.

We help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs implement a proven system, so they can get control of their business and create the work-life balance they’ve always dreamed of.


When it comes to growing a business, most entrepreneurs tend to get stuck at a certain point and become frustrated, as they don’t know what to do or how to fix it.

Praebent will help you implement systems and processes to break through that growth ceiling, gain control of your company, and ultimately find yourself with a more durable, valuable, and smoother running business.

Call In Your Sidekick Today!

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